Date: April 26th 2017
Time: 10am PT/1pm ET/5pm UTC

It's not every day that a company completely changes how they do things -- especially when dealing with a product as complicated as OpenStack. So when Mirantis announced the release of Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP), the natural question is, "Just how different IS it from Mirantis OpenStack, and how? And more importantly, what does it mean for me?" Is it just an OpenStack cluster and a Kubernetes cluster stuck together?.

The world is very different from the one in which OpenStack was born. Join Mirantis for an overview of how MCP brings cloud infrastructure into today's technical landscape. You will learn:

  • The difference between a commercial OpenStack distribution and "just download the code and install it"
  • Why a private cloud is more than just OpenStack, or even OpenStack and Kubernetes
  • What else is involved in operating a cloud (hint: it's not just installation)
  • How to update your cloud without tearing your hair out
  • What you need to prevent cloud infrastructure problems before they happen

Join us on April 26 at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT and learn how to bring your cloud into today's new world.

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About the presenters:

Shaun O'Meara

Shaun O'Meara

Field CTO - Global Accounts at Mirantis

Shaun O’Meara has been designing and building Enterprise IT Infrastructure Solutions for 20 years. His work with customers, advising on the journey to cloud and assisting in the development of cloud solutions, has given him a wide scope to learn and try new and diverse technologies. Currently Field CTO at Mirantis, he previously served as the company's EMEA Lead and Senior Solutions Architect. Prior to joining Mirantis, Shaun was a Solutions Architect at Business Connexion.

Nick Chase

Nick Chase

Head of Content at Mirantis

Nick Chase is the Editor in Chief of OpenStack:Unlocked (formerly OpenStack:Now) and Head of Content for Mirantis. He is a former software developer and author or co-author of more than a dozen books on various programming topics, including the OpenStack Architecture Guide. He's also a hobby farmer and the co-host of the OpenStack:Unlocked podcast.

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