You've been hearing all the talk about containers, but between the containers themselves and all of the orchestration technologies, how do you even begin to get started?

In this special 60-minute webinar, we'll give you the context you need to understand how containers, Docker and Kubernetes relate to OpenStack so you can begin to dive in. You'll learn:

  • What containers are, and how they can make your infrastructure more efficient
  • What Kubernetes is and how container orchestration helps make your applications more resilient
  • What microservices are and how they change the application landscape
  • How OpenStack and Kubernetes relate to each other

Join Mirantis Kubernetes instructor Reza Roodsari as he takes you through everything you need to get started.

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Original Broadcast: December 22, 2016

About the presenter:

Reza Roodsari

Reza Roodsari

Senior Technical Instructor

Reza Roodsari has a double BA in Mathematics & Computer Science from UCSC and a MS in EECS from Santa Clara University, where he taught courses as an adjunct faculty member. Prior to joining Mirantis, he worked as a trainer and post-sales/service engineer for Versant Object Tech and led teams in the US, Taipei, and Shanghai, developing IPMI firmware for BMC for Dell, IBM and other ODMs. Early in his career, Reza was a c/c++ developer, working on Unix and embedded real-time systems.

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