Webinar on DemandWhat's New in Kubernetes 1.10

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Time: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 17:00 UTC

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With Kubernetes releases coming every three months, it's hard to keep up with what's new. Join Caleb Miles of Google Cloud and Nick Chase of Mirantis, as they bring you up to speed on what features are being introduced, which features are now in beta, and what's ready for your production environment.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Security enhancements that are moving into general availability
  • New features that give your cluster a greater degree of intelligence so you get more efficient operations
  • Changes that give you better control over networking within Kubernetes pods
  • Storage improvements that provide more flexibility
  • New capabilities for outside developers

Join us for this fast-paced webinar to learn what's available, why it matters, and how to use it.

Meet the Presenters

Caleb Miles
Technical Program Manager at Google

Nick Chase
Head of Content at Mirantis and K8s release team member

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