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Original Broadcast: September 7, 2017

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Now that OpenStack has gone mainstream, its semi-annual releases have begun to take on a different tenor. So what can we expect from this month's upcoming release, code-named Pike?

OpenStack's stability and functionality completeness means that the community is free to focus on making it easier to use. On September 7, Neutron PTL Kevin Benton, Congress PTL Eric Kao, Heat PTL Rico Lin and Mirantis' Nick Chase will talk about what to expect in OpenStack's major projects, including:

  • Better scaling and control through multi-cell clusters using the Cells v2 API
  • Easier network configuration
  • More efficient backup and recovery of volumes
  • Ability to expand an existing volume while it's in use
  • More control over resources being used by customers

Join us to see how to get the best of OpenStack Pike.

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Meet the Presenters

Rico Lin
OpenStack Heat PTL and Software Engineer

Eric Kao
OpenStack Congress PTL and Software Engineer

Kevin Benton
OpenStack Neutron PTL and Principal Software Engineer

Nick Chase
Head of Content

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