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Webinar on DemandTop Sysadmin Tasks and How to Do Them with OpenStack

Original Broadcast: November 7, 2017

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Having an OpenStack cloud doesn't mean you don't need to do traditional system administration tasks, it just means you do them in a different way. In this webinar, we will show you what daily life can be like for an OpenStack sysadmin.

During the webinar, a Mirantis instructor will present a demo on a few common System Administrator tasks, and how to do them with OpenStack.

  1. We'll start by creating a user, role, and project
  2. Then we'll provide an application image for a web service and create a policy so that only the project admin of can delete it.
  3. Finally, we'll create a simple heat orchestration template to launch our web service, then perform an extra step to test our web server, assigning a floating IP and accessing it.

Meet the Presenter

Grzegorz Pawelski
Senior Technical Instructor

  • Engineering degree in software and computer architecture
  • 15+ years of experience as a systems engineer at IBM, AT&T and Nokia
  • Expertise in areas of IP networking, IT security, mobile networking, virtualization and telco cloud
  • Instructs Mirantis courses on OpenStack, Kubernetes & Docker, MCP, and SDN